ArcheAge 4.5: Legends Return Comes April 5th

The quick turn around from Korean patch 4.5 to NA/EU release was unexpected and has many people surprised. The new Fresh Start server and patch 4.5 update will occur on April 5th. This is a quick rundown of what major changes there will be:

1. New Fresh Start Server:

This will be a new progression based server which will allow new or returning players to start on a new server with equal footing as everyone else. It is considered a progression server because player levels and certain content will be capped for the first month, followed by increase in level cap plus introduction to additional content and higher level gear over time. This will prevent the small group of hardcore players from getting too far ahead of everyone else at the beginning and controlling the server.

Note if you’re already playing on a Legacy server and want to start over on the Fresh Start, you’ll need to create a new account with a separate email. Your Legacy account will not be able to access the Fresh Start server.

To learn more about the new progression server, read more at the official post here:

2. Changes to Regrading:

The new patch brings a big change to regrading. Items will no longer explode when you fail a regrade. Instead the item becomes “damaged”. In a damaged state, the item can no longer be regraded or upgraded any more. This is beneficial for a few reasons. One, you wont’t lose your item if you fail a regrade. You can either continue using it or sell it. Second, it will help with the gear gap between players, as the hardcore regraders will be flooding the market with damaged gear, which will allow other players to pick up decent gear much cheaper than before. Lastly, damaged items will still retain some value as Erenor equipment becomes more accessible and people will be using their damaged gear to upgrade their Erenor. There is also talk of greater regrade success rates, but we won’t know the exact details until Trion posts the official patch notes.

3. Skill Changes & Balance:

This patch brings many changes to skills to help with balance. Hopefully Trion will release full patch notes about all the skill changes, but for now to learn more about the skill changes, check out the information at patch notes and Paradox Gaming Network’s ArcheAge 101 Series on Youtube which discuss the skill changes.

4. Crafting Requests:

This new feature allows you to craft those high profession items without risking getting your mats stolen by the crafter. You will be able to go to any Crafting Request workbench at any Community Center to register a crafting request. Anyone who meets the proficiency requirements can then craft the item for a small fee and you won’t have to worry about losing your mats.

There are many other smaller changes, but I just wanted to cover the major ones here. To learn more about the all the changes and the new Fresh Start Server, check out the official ArcheAge post on Legends Return 4.5.

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Archeage 4.5 was very good update but 4.0 was the best in the history. If you are thinking what was in 4.0 read:
Your article is awesome and keep doing it mate!