A Breakdown of Different In-Game Currencies

Other than the obvious “Gold” currency in ArcheAge, there are many other types of currencies that are used to purchase various things in game. This guide will give you a breakdown of the most common currencies and how to obtain them. Note this is not a complete list of currencies, but just the most common ones a new player should know about.

Note: Unlike Gold, these currencies are untradable, however many of the items purchasable with these currencies are, so if you find yourself needing extra gold and have accumulated one of these currencies below, you can purchase a tradable item with it to sell.

To find out which daily quests give these currencies as rewards, check out our Daily Quest Log Tool to sort through and find daily quests with specific rewards.

Gilda Star
Gilda Stars are one of the most common currencies you’ll be collecting every day. They are used mostly for purchasing crafting and housing designs. For example, to craft your Farm Cart, Vehicle, Boat or other transportation device, you will need to purchase the design with Gilda Stars. They are also used for purchasing Housing Designs, such as Farmhouses, Treehouses and more. You will need thousands of Gilda Stars to purchase some of the top tier designs, so start saving these right away.
How to Obtain: You can get Gilda Stars for doing the Main Story quest line, Daily Contract quests, Blue Salt Daily quests and killing bosses around the world. Plus, many achievements give Gilda Star rewards, so make sure to check your Achievements window regularly.

Honor Points
Honor Points are used for purchasing many end-game materials such as Lunagems and Lunafrosts which are used to enhance your equipment. They are also required to advance your Ancestral Levels (levels above 55). They aren’t really needed at the lower levels, but you should be saving these points as they will be needed in large amounts as you reach higher levels.
How to Obtain: Honor Points can be earned from doing various Daily Quests, Rifts and other Faction events. Rifts are daily events that require raids to complete. Once you’re high enough level, you should participate in your Faction’s raids daily to gain Honor.

Vocation Badges
Vocation Badges are the main currency for farmers, gatherers and other resource collectors. They are used to purchase higher tier plant seeds and tree saplings, plus other farming resources. Basic tier seeds can be purchased from a Seed and Sapling Merchant, while higher tier plants require Vocation Badges. You can also use Vocation badges to advance your Ancestral Levels (levels above 55).
How to Obtain: Vocation badges are earned from doing Harvesting tasks such as farming, gathering, mining and other actions in the Harvesting professions. They are also obtained from doing Family Quests and spending your Labor with the “New Discovery” Daily Contract.

Prestige Points are considered as Guild points that can be used to purchase various items in the Guild shop. Items vary from Costumes, Cloaks and other equipment and materials. Higher level Guilds will unlock more items in the Guild shop.
How to Obtain: Prestige can be earned by completing daily Guild Missions, Hunting Requests and certain quests in the Diamond Shores zone.

Kyrios Badge
Kyrios Badges are the PvP Arena award badges. They are used to purchase items from the Arena shop. Items include character titles, stat-migration items and costumes.
How to Obtain: Kyrios badges can be obtained by participating in the PvP Arenas. There are 1v1, 3v3, Free-For-All and Naval Arenas to choose from.

Loyalty Token
Loyalty Tokens are used to purchase items from the Loyalty Shop in the Marketplace. The Loyalty Shop contains a wide range of items from character costumes, rare pets, gilders and materials for equipment. New items are regularly cycled in and out of the shop weekly and monthly, so check regularly for new items.
How to Obtain: Loyalty Tokens are only obtained by having Patron Status. As a Patron, this is one of the benefits you receive. Every day you log in, you will get 5 Loyalty Tokens, plus an additional 1 token every hour you are online for up to 3 hours. This means you can get a total of 8 Loyalty Tokens a day. Other than special events or giveaways, these tokens are hard to come by, so save these until you find something you really want in the Loyalty shop.

Credits are used to purchase things in the Marketplace. The Marketplace contains a large and wide-range of items from character/expansion scrolls, costumes, housing items, upgrade materials, gliders, pets and many more. Many items are cycled in and out on a weekly or monthly basis, so check in once in a while to see if anything new has been added. Credits can also be used to purchase one months Patron status.
How to Obtain: Credits can be purchased for real money on the ArcheAge website. They can also be obtained from the in-game item APEX. Each APEX will give you 1,250 credits.

While Leadership is not a real “currency” as in you can’t use it to buy anything, it is still important to accumulate especially if you want to become a Faction Hero. Leadership is used to determine who is eligible to become a Hero each month. The top 20 characters with Leadership points are voted on by the faction to see who becomes the Heroes for the given month. Plus, to vote for your Faction’s monthly heroes, you will need at least 200 Leadership points yourself.
How to Obtain: You can get Leadership points by participating in your Faction’s PvP/PvE Raids and PvP in war zones. You can also gain Leadership by giving Reputation to other players.

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