Character Stats and Stat Migrations

This guide will go over the 5 primary character stats and how they effect your character and learn how to do Stat Migrations.

There are 5 primary character stats: Strength, Spirit, Intelligence, Stamina and Agility with each influencing your character’s strengths in different aspects. Here is a breakdown of how each stat effects your character:

Increases Melee Attack +0.2 per point.
Increases Melee Accuracy.
Increases Melee Critical Rate.
Increases Parry Rate.
Increases Healing Power +0.2 per point.
Increases Magic Defense +1 per point.
Increases Mana Regen.
Increases Magic Accuracy.
Increases Critical Heal Rate.
Increases Parry Rate.
Increases Magic Attack +0.2 per point.
Increases Max Mana +12 per point.
Increases Magic Accuracy.
Increases Magic Critical Rate.
Increases Evasion Rate.
Increases Max Health +12 per point.
Increases Health Regen.
Increases Shield Block Rate.
Increases Ranged Attack +0.2 per point.
Increases Ranged Accuracy.
Increases Ranged Critical Rate.
Increases Evasion Rate.

As you can see the benefits of each stat is pretty straight forward in terms of the class you play. However, every character starts with 158 base points in every stat, no matter which class your chose for your character in character creation.
You can increase your desired stats through weapons, equipment, skills, buffs and even character titles. Pay attention to the equipment you use to make sure you are getting the right stat bonuses to help strengthen your character. In some cases it may be more beneficial to use gear that has slightly less attack/defense, but a higher desired stat bonus.

Stat Migration

ArcheAge has another way of increasing your desired stats through something called Stat Migration. This basically lets you subtract points from one stat and add it to another more desired stat. This is extremely helpful for all classes as there are some stats that are not necessary for a class. For example, a Melee Damage class which needs Strength will have very little need of Intelligence and Magic users vice versa.

Stat Migration is pretty straight forward to do.
First you’ll need to get a Migration Talisman. You can purchase one from any General Merchant for 50 gold, or use Kyrios Badge to purchase from the Arena Shop. These talismans subtract and add 5 stat points of your choice. There are 5 kinds of Migration Talismans, one for each Stat. Make sure to buy the Talisman for the stat you want to increase. So if you want to increase Strength, buy the Cloaked Strength Migration Talisman.
Here are all 5 Talismans you can choose from:
Cloaked Strength Migration Talisman
Cloaked Agility Migration Talisman
Cloaked Stamina Migration Talisman
Cloaked Intelligence Migration Talisman
Cloaked Spirit Migration Talisman

The Arena Shop allows you to purchase normal Talismans for 15x Kyrios Badge or Luminous Talismans for 30 Badges. Luminous Talismans increase a stat by +10 instead of the standard +5. You earn these badges by participating in the PvP Arena.

When you get the Talisman, you’ll want to right-click on it to uncloak it. When you uncloak it, you will need to choose which stat to substract from. For example, you buy the Cloaked Strength Migration Talisman to increase your Strength, you’ll need to choose if you want to subtract Agility, Stamina and so on. In this case, many people will choose to subtract Intelligence, as it is not important for a Melee class. See image of the choices when uncloaking:

You’ll see the choices Agility to Strength, Stamina to Strength etc. So choose which stat you want moved to Strength and uncloak. You will receive the uncloaked Talisman of the stat you chose.

To apply the Talisman, just Right-click on the Talisman to open the Stat Migration window:

Right click the Talisman again to add it to the Migration window. Once its added to the window, simply click “Apply” to get the desired result. Once its complete, you’ll see that your desired stat will be +5 while your undesired stat will be -5.

The Stat Migration Talismans from the Merchant and Arena Shop are considered “Random Migration Talisman” which can be used as many times as you want per day. However the more Migrations you do in one day, the more Talismans are required. The first Migration will require one Talisman, but the 2nd Migration will require 2 Talismans of the same type. The 3rd Migration attempt in one day will require 5 Talismans. Each Migration attempt will add and subtract 5 points (Normal talismans) or 10 points (Luminous talismans), even if you are required more than one Talisman to do the Migration. So, to save money, its recommend to just do one Talisman migration per day. The normal “Stat Migration” can only be used once a day.

You can change a total of 200 stat point overall. There’s no limit to how many points you can add and subtract from a stat. Its even possible to have a stat with 0 points! You can increase the stat point changes up to 300 points by using an item called the Migration Scale which increase the stat point limit +20. Use five of these to increase the max up to 300 points.

Now, you might be thinking, what if you switch and like to play multiple classes, and your Stat Migrations will negatively impact your other classes? Fortunately, ArcheAge has thought of this, and your Stat Migrations are saved in a “tab”. You’ll see on the Stat Migration window, above the stats the Tab with “1”. You can click the plus Icon next to that tab to create a new tab which you can set up different Stat Migrations. You’ll be able to switch between tabs as you change your class.

However, to create a new tab, you’ll need a Saving Pendant which you can purchase from the Marketplace for 1250 Credits. Plus, you’re allowed to have up to 3 Migration tabs for potential stat variations.

Lastly, if you want to reset all the Migrations you’ve done and go back to the default point values for all stats, you can use the Migration Scale and click “Reset” at the bottom of the Stat Migration window. You can buy a Migration Scale for 300 Credits on the Marketplace, or buy one from the Arena Shop with Kyrios Badge.

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