Introduction to ArcheAge Proficiencies

This guide will break down each of the 22 Proficiencies and help you decide which ones you want to focus on based on your play style and interests.

Doing tasks in a Proficiency will cost Labor and will increase your Proficiency level. The higher your Proficiency level, the less Labor it will cost to do the same tasks. So its beneficial to level up a single proficiency as much as you can to increase your potential profit instead of distributing your Labor across many proficiencies.

You will also gain experience when doing tasks in any Proficiency. This means it is possible to reach max-level without ever fighting. You could be a Crafter and craft and sell things to reach max-level if that’s what you like.

These Proficiencies are focused on gathering raw resources from the world.
Husbandry: This Proficiency focuses on raising and tending to animals to gather resources from. For example getting Milk from cows, Egg from chickens, and butchering for animal meat and pelts. Husbandry is also used for processing raw meat into Trimmed Meat which is used for making Trade Packs.
Farming: This proficiency is for harvesting grains such as Rice, Wheat, Oats and vegetables such as Potato, Tomato and Onion. The grains can be processed into Ground Grain and vegetables into Chopped Produce. These processed materials are commonly used for making Trade Packs.
Fishing: Just what you think it is. There are two kinds of fishing you can do, Bait Fishing and Sport Fishing. Sport fishing requires you to participate in a mini-game to catch large fish like Bluefin Tuna and Blue Marlin. You can sell these fish for gold or make a Trophy to display in your house. Bait fishing lets you catch small fish that can be processed into Dawn Lake Light Essence which is required for crafting Regrade scrolls of all types.
Logging: This Proficiency is for chopping down trees. Chopping trees will give you Log which can be processed into Lumber. Higher proficiency will also increase your chance of getting Heavy Hardwood which is used in crafting. High Proficiency is also good if you want a Thunderstruck Tree, which is a rare proc from growing trees and is easier to obtain by growing large amounts of trees.
Gathering: This Proficiency is for picking all kinds of flowers and fruits from trees. Flowers can be processed into Dried Flowers or Medicinal Powder, while fruits can be processed into Orchard Puree. These processed materials are used mostly for making Trade packs.
Mining: This proficiency is used for gathering Raw Stone, various Ores and Gems. Raw stone and Iron Ore are the most common resource gathered from Mining and are processed into Stone Brick and Iron Ingot. These are also essential for the construction of houses and crafting equipment. Occasionally you’ll get gems like Emerald, Diamond and others.
These Proficiencies include taking the raw resources from Harvesting and processing them for crafting, plus crafting of all items and equipment.
Alchemy: This proficiency focuses on crafting Health and Mana Potions, processing Archeum, making Pigments, Oils, Polishes and various Lunastones.
Cooking: This proficiency is for cooking various foods that regenerate Health, Mana and give Buffs.
Handicrafts: This is for crafting Accessories, Lutes, Flutes, high-end Lunagems, processing Pearls and Gems, and crafting various house furniture.
Machining: For crafting Gliders and glider Enhancements in addition to vehicles, boats, ships and components for them.
Metalwork: This is for crafting Plate Armor, Pet Mounts and processing Ores gathered from Harvesting into Ingots. Ores that are processed include include Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold and Archeum.
Printing: This proficiency is for making Scrolls, Regrade Scrolls and Books. Printers also process Lumber into Paper which is required to make the various Scrolls and Books.
Masonry: This proficiency focuses on processing Raw Stone into Stone Brick. Stone Bricks are essential for building houses and other structures. Masonry is also used in crafting the end-game Anchoring Charms for Regrading.
Tailoring: This is for crafting Cloth Armor and processing Wool and Cotton into Fabric. Fabric is an essential material for crafting many things in game.
Leatherwork: This is for crafting Leather Armor, Leather Pet Gear and processing animal Pelt into Leather. Leather is an essential material for crafting many things in game.
Weaponry: As you can infer, this is for crafting metal-based Weapons in game including Swords, Axes, and Spears. This also includes Ammo for Tanks and Warships.
Carpentry: This is for crafting wood-based Weapons including Bows, Staves and Scepters, plus processing Log into Lumber. Lumber is an essential material for crafting many things in game. Carpentry also is used for crafting a majority of furniture for house decorations.
These are for Proficiencies not related to gathering and crafting.
Construction: This proficiency is used for actual construction of houses and other buildings, making material bundles for upgrading houses and making Tax Certificate to maintain ownership of your property.
Larceny: This is for opening Coinpurses, Crates and identifying Unidentified Equipment dropped from mobs. If you like grinding mobs to make gold, this is a good proficiency to level up.
Commerce: This is the proficiency for doing trade runs. Trade Packs can be made in any zone and be delivered to a Trade Outpost for profit. You also gain Commerce proficiency from selling items on the Auction House.
Artistry: This proficiency is for crafting music paper, musical decorations for your house, canvas for art and other decorations. I would not recommend this as a primary Proficiency as demand for resources in this area is low.
Exploration: This proficiency is mainly used for Treasure Hunting in the sea. You’ll be crafting Recovery Pouch to lift sunken treasure off the sea floor. Exportation is also used for crafting Copper Key and Silver Key for Metallic Crates.

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