Introduction to Regrading and Crystallization

What is Regrading?

Item Regrading in ArcheAge is similar to item “enchanting” in other MMOs. However, there is no +1 or +2 items in ArcheAge. Instead, all items and equipment have a certain Grade that ranges from Basic to Eternal. Items with a higher grade are generally considered more rare.
Weapons and equipment that have a higher grade will have better stats than a lower grade of the same type, so to strengthen equipment players will do something called “Regrading”, meaning attempting to increase the Grade of the item.

Here is a list of all the possible Grades on an item from lowest to highest and the border that is applied the item.


How to Regrade an Item:

To Regrade an Item, first you’ll need a Regrade Scroll matching the type of item you want to Regrade.
Weapon: Weapon Regrade Scroll
Armor: Armor Regrade Scroll
Accessory: Accessory Regrade Scroll
Ship Component: Ship Component Regrade Scroll
Pet Gear Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll

To do a Regrade, open your Inventory Bag and click the Regrade Item icon at the bottom.

In the Regrade window, click the Regrade Item tab at the top.

Or you can simply right-click on any Regrade Scroll in your inventory to open the Regrade window and slot the scroll automatically.

The Regrade window will look like this:

There is a slot for the Item, the Regrade Scroll and a slot for a Regrade Charm. We’ll talk about Regrade Charms below. When you add the item and scroll, it will tell you how much Gold it will cost to Regrade, plus the chance of Success, Failure or Downgrade. Just press the “Enchant” button to begin the Regrade. If you’re successful, the item will increase to the next grade.


As of ArcheAge patch 4.5, failing a Regrade above Celestial on Normal crafted gear (Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium, Delphinad, and Ayanad tier) does not destroy the item. If a regrade fails, the item becomes “Crystallized“.
Note: Obsidian crafted gear and Dungeon gear will still be destroyed when a Regrade fails.
In a Crystallized state the item can no longer be Regraded again, but can still be used and sold.

Here is what you Can and Can’t do with a Crystallized item:
You Can: You Can’t:
  • Equip and use item
  • Temper it
  • Socket gems
  • Trade or Sell on Auction House
  • Feed to Erenor Item
  • Attempt more Regrades
  • Use it in Crafting upgrade to next tier
  • Salvage for Archeum
  • Reseal to change version

Regrade Rates:

Here are details of Regrade Success Rates on Equipment, applied to Weapons, Armor and Accessories:

Dungeon Gear Crafted Gear Obsidian Gear
Grade Rate Grade Rate Grade Rate
Basic > Grand 100% Basic > Grand 100% Basic > Grand 100%
Grand > Rare 100% Grand > Rare 100% Grand > Rare 100%
Rare > Arcane 100% Rare > Arcane 100% Rare > Arcane 100%
Arcane > Heroic 100% Arcane > Heroic 100% Arcane > Heroic 65%
Heroic > Unique 100% Heroic > Unique 100% Heroic > Unique 65%
Unique > Celestial 94.6% Unique > Celestial 70% Unique > Celestial 45.6%
Celestial > Divine 81% Celestial > Divine 60% Celestial > Divine 39%
Divine > Epic 27% Divine > Epic 20% Divine > Epic 13%
Epic > Legendary 16.2% Epic > Legendary 12% Epic > Legendary 7.8%
Legendary > Mythic 5.1% Legendary > Mythic 3.8% Legendary > Mythic 2.5%
Mythic > Eternal 2.7% Mythic > Eternal 2% Mythic > Eternal 1.3%

Additional information to remember when Regrading:

  • Nothing happens when you fail a Regrade on any item below Celestial. Your item stays the same grade.
  • At Celestial Grade, a failed Regrade has a chance to Downgrade or Crystallize the item.
  • All items Divine and above will Crystallize when failing a Regrade.
  • Each Regrade attempt costs 50 Labor points and some Gold, depending on the current Item grade. So make sure to have extra Labor points and Gold ready when preparing to Regrade.

Using Regrade Charms:

As you can see the higher the item grade, the more difficult it is to Regrade to the next grade. However, you can increase your chance of success by using Regrade Charms. Using a Regrade Charm is optional and can help increase your success rate anywhere from 50% to 150%.
Here is a list of common Regrade Charms and how they improve your success rate:

Regrade Charm Restriction Increase Success
Green Regrade Charm For Arcane Grade items only. Increase success by 1.75x
Blue Regrade Charm For Heroic Grade items only. Increase success by 1.75x
Yellow Regrade Charm For Unique or below items only. Increase success by 1.5x
Red Regrade Charm For Unique or below items only. Increase success by 2x
Superior Yellow Regrade Charm For All grades of gear. Increase success by 1.5x
Superior Red Regrade Charm For All grades of gear. Increase success by 2x
Silver Regrade Charm For Celestial or above items only. Increase success by 2.5x

Additionally there are special “Anchoring” Regrade Charms that you can craft which will prevent an item from Crystallizing on failure. But these Charms are expensive to craft and people use to Regrade high-grade equipment to prevent Crystallization.

Resplendent Regrade Scrolls:

Lastly, there are Resplendent Regrade Scrolls. They do not increase your chance of success, but if the Regrade is successful, there is a small chance that the item will increase by 2 grades instead of one. When this happens, it is called a “Great Success”. This chance of a Great Success is 10% of the normal success rate. For example, if a Regrade has 50% chance of success and you use a Resplendent Regrade Scroll, there is a 5% (10% of 50%) chance that your item will increase by 2 grades instead of the normal 1 grade increase. People often use these scrolls on high grade items and hope to get lucky for a 2 grade increase.

Resplendent Scrolls only come in Weapon, Armor and Accessory types.
Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll

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