New Player Guide and Tips

This guide is for brand new players to ArcheAge. Here we’ll cover some of the basic terms and things you should know, plus a few tips to help you get off to a successful start in the game.

First some key terms to understand:

Labor Points:
This is one of the most important systems of ArcheAge. Its important that you learn how to use and manage your Labor Point pool efficiently, because this is how you’ll be making gold in game. Whenever you do any kind of action in game (except killing mobs), whether its crafting, gathering, or doing trade runs, it will consume Labor points. If you run out of Labor points, you’re very limited in what you can do until your Labor regenerates.

How to obtain Labor Points:
Every 5 minutes you’re in game you gain 5 Labor points with a cap of 2,000 points. If you have 2,000 labor points you won’t gain any more until you spend some of you labor. If you have Patron Status you will gain 10 Labor Points per 5 minutes you’re online, plus you gain 10 Labor points per 5 mins even when you are offline. We’ll talk more about Patron below.
There are also special potions in game that people can buy and sell that give you Labor, for example the Large Labor Potion which gives you 1,000 Labor points.
If you own a house, there are certain kinds of beds that will give you a small amount of Labor every day you rest in the bed.

You can think of Patron Status as ArcheAge’s subscription service. Patron status comes with many benefits and can be purchased every month. One of the most important benefits being increased Labor regeneration. Patron subscribers gain 10 Labor points per 5 minutes, while non-Patrons only gain 5 Labor points. Plus Patron subscribers regen their Labor even when they are offline. This means Patron subscribers will gain 2,880 Labor points every 24 hours, even if they don’t log in at all! Patron subscribers also have an increased Labor point cap of 5,000 instead of the 2,000 for non-Patrons.
Other benefits of Patron status included up to 8 Loyalty Tokens a day, being able to own land, access to the Auction House from anywhere without talking to an Auction NPC, 20% experience increase and more.

APEX is an in-game token that can be used to obtain “Credits”. Credits can be used to purchase things from the game’s Marketplace. People can purchase APEX on the ArcheAge Store for real money, then sell them in-game for gold. Credits can also be used to buy monthly Patron status. This means it is possible for you to play ArcheAge with Patron status without spending any real money by buying APEX others sell with in-game gold.

There are 22 different Proficiencies available in ArcheAge. Using Labor points by doing tasks in any of these Proficiences is how you will make most of your money. You should decide early on, or even before you begin playing, which proficiency you want to focus on. They are broken down into 3 branches: Harvesting, Crafting & Special. This table shows you the 3 branches and all the proficiences in each:

Husbandry Farming Fishing
Logging Gathering Mining
Alchemy Cooking Handicrafts
Machining Metalwork Printing
Masonry Tailoring Leatherwork
Weaponry Carpentry
Construction Larceny Commerce
Artistry Exploration

To learn more details about each of these Proficiencies, check out my post on Introduction to ArcheAge Proficiencies.

I recommend focusing on leveling up one or two proficiences. This is because leveling up a proficiency requires you to spend Labor points, and Labor points are limited. One of the major benefits of leveling up a proficiency is the reduced Labor cost to do actions in that proficiency. For example if you decide to make Health potions, it will increase your Alchemy proficiency. Each potion will cost you a specific amount of Labor points to make. As your Alchemy level increases from making potions, the Labor cost to make the potion is reduced. Therefore, you’ll be able to make more potions for the same Labor cost, thus the potential to make more gold if you were to sell the potions. This is true for all proficiencies. So I recommend choosing one proficiency and focus a majority your Labor to level that proficiency up to gain the benefits quicker.

First thing to know about housing: Patron status is required to own a house or land. If you want to have a house or farmland to grow crops, you will need to maintain monthly Patron status.
At level 30, there will be a quest available in Halcyona to get your first 8×8 Scarecrow Garden. The quest requires you to do a couple trade pack runs. Once you get your farm, you can go to any housing province in any zone to place your farm.

Helpful Tips for Beginners

If you can afford to purchase Patron status for the first month, I recommend doing it. As mentioned above, your Labor pool determines how much gold you can make, and with the benefits of Patron, it will make a big difference in your character progression and gold earning. With Patron status, you should be able to make enough gold every month to purchase APEX and continue your Patron Status every month after without spending any more real money.

When you first start killing mobs you’ll occasionally obtain Farmer’s Coinpurse and Unidentified Weapon and Armors. Opening Coinpurses will give you a small amount of silver, but will also cost Labor and increase your Larceny proficiency. Identifying weapons and armors will also cost Labor and increase Larceny. As discussed under the proficiency topic above, unless you want to focus on Larceny as a proficiency, don’t open the Coinpurses or identify equipment. By following the main story quests you’ll receive new weapons and armor without having to spend labor (identifying quest reward items do not cost Labor). Coinpurses are a regular drop from farming mobs. So unless you like grinding mobs as a way to make gold, its better to save your Labor for another proficiency.

Do all the quests you come across. Many quests are part of a chain so if you skip one or two, you may lose a lot of quests down the line. Also you’ll need the quest experience to keep your level in-line with the zone progression. Many players end up progressing through zones and their level falls behind so they are unable to acquire the quests in the new zones and get “stuck” until their levels catch up. It gets a bit grindy, but at least you’ll be getting more gold than just farming mobs without quests.

Continuing from the proficiency topic, while all proficiencies have ways to make gold, some are better than others. If you’re a new player without Patron status, I would choose a Harvesting proficiency such as Farming, Gathering or Husbandry. This is because you can gather resources from the open world without owning land. Plus, the Labor cost is relatively cheap for gathering and basic resources are always in demand for the Crafting proficiencies. Also, don’t choose Construction, Artistry or Exploration as these proficiencies are not very good for making gold early on.

Make sure to do your Daily Contracts every day and unlock new contracts as you level up. They are an easy way to make gold and earn Gilda Star. Gilda Stars will be used later to purchase various vehicle, boat and housing designs.

Join a Guild early and find a Family or start your own. Being in a Guild has benefits including increased EXP gain and increased drop rates. Plus you will unlock daily Guild quests which will allow you to earn Prestige points. Being in a Family will unlock daily Family related quests which can be done to earn Vocation badges. Vocation can be used to purchase higher tier seeds, plants and other materials.

To learn more about what Gilda Stars, Vocation Badges and Prestige are, check out our post on the different in-game currencies in ArcheAge.

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Excellent Guide, it would save a lot of time for newbies for sure !