So, You Want to Be a Trader?

Being a Trader can bring in big profits if you know which trade routes and what kind of trade packs to run. This guide will give you the basics of running trade packs and see if its something that would interest you.

Doing trade uses Labor points in the Commerce Proficiency. As with any other proficiency, the higher your Commerce proficiency, the less Labor it costs to make and sell trade packs, thus increasing your profits.

There are different kinds of trading you can do. We’re going to focus on normal in-land trading because as a new trader it is the easiest trade you can do. Cargo and over-seas trade will be discussed in a different post and topic.

If you’re serious about doing Trade, the first thing you should focus on getting is a Scroll: Farm Cart, then eventually upgrading it to a Scroll: Farm Freighter. Trade Packs are heavy, so when you are carrying one, you will be very slow and will not be able to travel through portals. Using Carts and Wagons is much faster than walking. A Farm cart can hold 2 trade packs, plus one on your back for a total of 3 trade packs per run. Once you get the Freighter, you’ll be able to run 9 trade packs, giving you more efficiency and saving you time. For a crafting guide on these vehicles click here.

Trade Routes

Basically to do trade, you make a Trade Pack in any zone, then take it to one of 3 Trade Outposts on you continent. Each zone will have one or multiple Specialty Workbenches where you make the trade pack. Each zone’s trade packs will require different materials and cost. Plus, generally the longer distance you are required to travel to sell a trade pack, the higher the sell value. So, you’ll need to do some research and experimenting to find the best trade packs that will optimize travel distance, minimize crafting cost and maximize sell profits. Keep in mind you can’t sell a pack in the same zone that it was created in.

A Specialty Workbench
There are 3 different kinds of Trade packs you can make. Normal/Gilda Packs, Resident/Fertilizer Packs and Aged Packs.
Normal / Gilda Packs
Everyone has access to crafting the Normal and Gilda packs. Gilda packs are the same as Normal packs, but require 1 Gilda Star to craft and have slightly higher sell value than the Normal pack. These packs generally have the lowest sell value of the pack types.
Resident / Fertilizer Packs
You can only craft Resident packs if you are a Resident of the zone. A Resident is someone who owns a House in that zone including a Cottage, Farm house or Tree house. Residency does NOT include your standard Scarecrow Farms or Pavilions.
Fertilizer packs come from a Trade House that can be built by players. Only the house owner can craft the Fertilizer pack. Resident/Fertilizer packs have higher sell values than Normal/Gilda packs.
Aged Packs
Aged Packs come in 3 types, Aged Cheese, Aged Honey and Aged Salve. Aged packs do not come from a Specialty Workbench, but require your own land to make. To make an Aged pack, you’ll first need to craft or buy a Multi-Purpose Aging Larder, place it on your land, then add the required materials. After adding the materials to the Larder, you will need to wait 3 (real time) days. Then you will be able to “harvest” the Larder like a normal trade pack and sell at an Outpost. I say “harvest” because crafting the Larder and Collecting it requires the Husbandry Proficiency, not your standard Commerce Proficiency. So Aged Packs will require you to focus on both Husbandry and Commerce. However the upside to these packs are they sell for significantly more than the other two types of packs.

Now that you’ve crafted some trade packs, where do you send them to? There are 3 Trade Outposts on each continent that you can send your packs. See the image below for locations of each Trade Outpost. Trade packs made on one Continent can only be sold on the same Continent. You cannot make a pack in Nuia and sell at a Haranya Outpost.

Trade Outpost locations for each Continent. Note Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere are Conflict zones.

Note that Outposts in Conflict zones or trade packs that require you to go through Conflict zones to sell will have a higher sell value as they involve more risk. Players will often wait during Peace times in some zones to ensure safe travel and still reap the rewards of higher sell values.

General Trade Tips:

Use Eco-Friendly Fuel to increase the speed of your Farm Cart. These can be crafted or bought from the Auction House. This will allow you to run more packs in less time. Note that this Fuel has an 8 minute timer and is canceled if your vehicle is de-summoned. So if you’ve almost reached an Outpost, don’t consume another Fuel as it will be wasteful.

You may be tempted to grow your own mats for crafting trade packs. If you plan on only having one character, and really want to focus on the Trade profession, consider buying the materials. Learn the market prices for mats to know when to buy cheap mats based on what packs you are crafting. Growing your own mats will use Labor in other proficiences and reduce your potential Proficiency in Commerce. As mentioned before the quicker you can raise your Commerce Proficiency, the more profit you will get in the long term. If you have more than one character, then you could perhaps have one who focuses on Farming mats and the other in Commerce.

If you plan on running pack through Conflict zones, consider having land in a Safe zone next to the Conflict zone as a “Staging Area”. During Peace times, many players will craft and send packs through the Conflict zone and place on their land in adjacent Safe zone. Since Peace time in Conflict zones only lasts 1 hour, its best to get as many packs through the Conflict zone as possible. Then later you can turn in the packs from your Staging area.

In the image below you can see an example of setting up a Staging Area. Crafting Packs in Ahnimar requires you to travel through two Conflict zones (Hellswamp and Halcyona) to reach a Trade Outlet. People will often set up Staging areas in Marianople, so during Peace time, you can travel through Hellswamp and Halcyona and drop off packs in Marianople. This gives you more time to transfer packs through the limited Peace time, and then send the packs to Outlets after Peace time ends.

Example Staging area for Peace time trade pack routes.

Pay attention to the Sell Demand of your Pack. The more Packs of the same type that are sold at an Outpost, the lower the Demand for that pack. The less demand, the lower the sell value. By default the Demand for packs is 130%. This demand will go down as more people turn in the same kind of pack. You can see the Demand for all packs in real time by pressing Shift+O in game. Keep this in mind when determining which packs to craft and sell to optimize your profit. Use our Trade Pack Profit Calculator to determine the best Profits for all trade packs and routes. You can even adjust the Sell Demand rate for accurate profit margins.

Join/Start a Family and become a Resident of the zone you plan to run Packs from. Not only do you get access to Resident packs, you will get a Daily Family Quest to craft a Resident Pack which will give you Vocation Badges and other benefits.

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Outdated info with the introduction of freshness, you cant stage cargo